Scrum Event is an endorsed Scrum Alliance User Group primarily based and operating in London.
We are a user group of Scrum advocates who wish to promote the Agile and Scrum values within the community and beyond. Leveraging the knowledge of industry experts, our objective is to support people where we can. But only when they are ready to be Agile and potentially use Scrum.
We do what we say by living the Scrum Values:
We focus on the presentation(s) per event (but it can be presented by multiple people). This allows the presenter(s) and audience to gain the maximum value from the event, rather than being a show case for something else.
We organise as a team and welcome people to contribute so, they too can gain experience of volunteering for the community. We believe there is no monopoly on experience.
We are a free, open group that tries to resolve any concerns and is as transparent as we possibly can be.
We are committed to the success of Agile and Scrum by supporting the community with this user group.
We respect everyone inside the group and also outside the group. We have no desire to compete, but rather to share knowledge even if it could be seen as being at the expense of our group. We do not judge and we wish all to be respected even if others may deem they are not worthy of that respect.
Our members are committed to this because we believe that an Agile Mindset can enhance peoples lives, often resulting in easing communication, reducing stress and enhancing happiness. It is well known that happy people are more productive people, translating into real Value.
We want everyone to be able to experience joy from the group. Thank you.
This Scrum User Group is entirely free!
We aim to keep it that way. All that is required is that your turn up, enjoy the event and be respectful to other attendees.
We are also doubling our commitment by supporting and have signed the diversity charter for conference speakers.
You should sign too: http://diversitycharter.org/
Speaker Roster
Scrum Event has a vast array of speakers who have presented at its events past and future. These include:
  • Portia Tung
  • Kathrine Kirk
  • Flick Hardingham
  • Liz Keogh
  • Sallyann Freudenberg
  • Fabiola Eyholzer
  • Franziska Sauerwein
  • Dot Tudor
  • Jenny Martin
  • Raquel Silva
  • Naina Oliver
  • Helen Meek
  • Kim Morgan
  • Tobias Mayer
  • John Mcfayden
  • Dave Snowden
  • Helen Lisowski
  • Zia Malik
  • Zuzana “Zuzi” Šochová#
  • John Le Drew
  • …… you?